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"Bartender Only" Option

The "Bartender Only" option is perfect for events that have a venue with adequate space for beverage service already available. This service provides the experienced manpower you need to wow your guests, clients, friends, and family. Our bartenders are friendly, knowledgeable in wine and spirits, and experienced in efficient, elegant cocktail techniques.

You can also add on other products and services such as our craft cocktails, cotton candy service, any of our bar or product rentals, etc. 

For more info or pricing, please reach out to us.


Hourly Service

Our bartenders work on an hourly basis with our clients for events. Four hours of service is standard with more hours added on at an additional rate. Drive times may be included depending on the location of the venue.


Add-On Services and Products

In addition to hiring our bartenders, you can also add on products, services, and rentals. You may have the bar and now the bartender, but you may also need a coffee/tea station, a cotton candy machine, our hexagonal arbor to get married under, a selection of craft cocktails, etc. 


Top-Notch Service

Our bartenders have all attended and passed the state-mandated Alcohol Awareness Training and operate in a most professional manner, They are trained in efficiency of service and have extensive knowledge of wines, spirits, and cocktail techniques that will put you at ease and please your guests. Whether you need one bartender for a small gathering or multiple bartenders and staff for a larger event, we can work to make your event run a smoothly as possible.

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