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Our Story

Honestly, we just want to help you throw a great party with delicious drinks.

We love making cocktails and we love drinking wine. We also know that organizing an event is stressful. Thankfully, we like doing that and with our experience in the service industry, we've done it a lot. So, we decided one day that we wanted to try and bring that expertise to the greater Northern Nevada region and help make your event as stress-free as possible. We bought our 1970's vintage Miley horse trailer in September of 2019 and got to work stripping and ripping out the interior and rebuilding her into a fully functional bar with 3 taps, two service windows, and a classic vintage look that will be stunning in photos.

About Us: About Us

Meet the Team

Making the dream come true!

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John Blomquist

Owner | Cocktail Enthusiast | Spirits Nerd

John started working behind the bar in 2015 at a popular watering hole known for its fantastic beer selection and great drink specials. However, it wasn't until he moved on to a wine and craft cocktail bar that he truly fell in love with learning about spirits, wine, and cocktails. Before starting Pizen & Wine with Shannin, John ran a demanding beverage program at four locations; managing their spirits ordering, creation of four seasonal cocktail menus a year, and training the bar staff at each location.

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Shannin Waldaias

Owner | Wine Expert | Master Planner

In 2010, Shannin began working in a wine shop in Reno. She found she had a knack for wine. She loved the nuances, flavors, and diversity that wine offered. She loved learning about new wines, and more than that, she loved sharing what she has learned with others. She has worked in the wine industry now managing four wine shops, over 25 employees, and still doing everything she can to learn more about what she loves.

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